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Our Mission

Our Goal of Nuestra Herencia | Our Heritage is to assemble, preserve, and make accessible
a collection of diverse materials that document Kansas City’s Hispanic | Latino/a communities.

The project enhances the Museum’s capacity to sensitively and respectfully research and represent the lives of Latino/a Kansas Citians throughout the city’s 200+ year history.

herenciaCollected materials and any oral history originals will be housed by the Museum according to professional archival and museum standards in environmentally-controlled physical facilities. All Museum activities are pursued in accordance with its mission, plans, policies and procedures in regards to collection development, collections management, fund-raising, interpretive public programming and research access. The Museum provides professional staff for the care, preservation and exhibition of the collections.

Kansas City Museum is generously supported by the City of Kansas City, Missouri.

herenciaNuestra Herencia collects, preserves and creates access to the documents and artifacts that record Kansas City’s Latino/a communities throughout the city’s history. The initiative works with an advisory council of community volunteers and the professional staff of the Kansas City Museum.

Nuestro Herencia recopila, preserva y da acceso a los documentos y artefactos de los latinos de Kansas City através de la historia de la ciudad. La iniciativa trabaja con un consejo asesor de voluntarios de la comunidad y el personal profesional del museo de Kansas City.

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Photographs of people, activities, businesses and historic locations. Memorabilia from businesses
and organizations.
Textiles, clothing
and costumes.
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kansas city museum
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