In January 2023, the Kansas City Museum had an HVAC water pump malfunction that caused water damage in Corinthian Hall in select areas on all four floors. There is no permanent damage, and repairs are progressing; however, the complexity of some elements are taking longer than anticipated. The Museum will remain temporarily closed and will release more information soon about the expected reopening date of Corinthian Hall. 

The Kansas City Museum is a history museum. It preserves, interprets, and celebrates Kansas City through collections, exhibitions, and bold programs that reflect the City’s evolution and spirit, and engage visitors in unfolding stories about Kansas City’s vibrant history, cultural heritage, and pride.

To date, Corinthian Hall is the only building on the 3.5-acre property that has been restored and renovated with all new history- and humanities-based exhibits, installations, and amenities. We are actively working with Gallagher & Associates on creating exhibit interactives and media for Corinthian Hall, and with International Architects Atelier on designing the rest of the property, which will be restored and renovated.

We look forward to creating new, lasting memories of the Kansas City Museum with our community.

Para mas información en español, comuníquese con Paul Gutiérrez al 816.702.7705.

The health and wellness of our patrons, visitors, staff, and volunteers is always a top priority. As Covid-19 guidance and recommendations continue to change, our plans will be evaluated and updated.

The Kansas City Museum is fully governed, managed, and operated by the Kansas City Museum Foundation, a 501 (c )(3) nonprofit organization (EIN #46-1878591) through a cooperative agreement with the City of Kansas City, Missouri’s Parks and Recreation Department. The museum property is owned by the City, of Kansas City, Missouri.

Kansas City Museum frequently videotapes and photographs participants enjoying our programs, special events, parks, and facilities. These images are used by Kansas City Museum and the City of Kansas City, Missouri in publications, on the web, for television/cable promotions, or to use as is seen fit. The images are used at the Museum’s discretion and become its sole property.

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Spring, Corinthian Hall. Courtesy of David Remley.