The Kansas City Museum is actively fundraising for the design and construction of JewelHouse.

Slated to open in 2024, JewelHouse is a new project on the historic grounds of the Kansas City Museum. The existing 1910 Beaux-Arts Conservatory at the Kansas City Museum will be restored, renovated, and transformed into JewelHouse—a monumental, site-specific work by artist Summer Wheat. Opening in 2024, JewelHouse is presented by the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art and the Kansas City Museum.

JewelHouse will be a light-filled sacred space with stained glass, metal, and mosaic. Visitors will discover the inner jewels of their personal stories and the vastness of identity, memory, perspective, and belonging. To learn more about JewelHouse, click here.

To support this process, Girlfriend Fund* has established the JewelHouse Challenge Grant to match all contributions 1:1 up to $150,000. 

To make a contribution to JewelHouse online using a credit or debit card, click here.

To make a contribution to JewelHouse with a check, please make your check payable to the Kansas City Museum Foundation, write ”JewelHouse” on the memo line, and send the check to:

Kansas City Museum
Attn: Anna Marie Tutera/JewelHouse
3218 Gladstone Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64123

All donors will receive prominent recognition for their contributions to JewelHouse.

Legacy Naming Opportunities
Giving levels starting at $100,000 include very special legacy naming opportunities to fund the artwork that comprises JewelHouse such as the interior stained-glass windows, mosaic pebble stone seating, and more. The bronze sun, moon, and stars sculpture on the roof of JewelHouse has been generously funded by the Kemper Family Foundation. The bronze water bearer door has been generously funded by Girlfriend Fund. *

All giving levels at $100,000 and above include a custom, signed print by Summer Wheat depicting an image of the funded artwork for JewelHouse. To make a contribution for a legacy naming opportunity, please contact Anna Marie Tutera at

Architectural Rendering, evening.
Architectural Rendering, interior.

*Girlfriend Fund is an artist support initiative created by a donor and collector who champions women artists.

The Founder’s passion for collecting art began with a love of photography and has grown into what it is today – a fascination for artist’s techniques and materials and how artists marry this with their own inspirations when creating art. The thread that connects the artists in the collection weaves through these intersections of technique, material, subject, and voice/inspiration. Spanning from the 1980’s to present, the collection is comprised of over 70% women. Their practices range from painting, collage, sculpture, ceramics and textiles – all pushing the boundaries of medium and scale. A few of these artists include Leilah Babirye, Tschabalala Self, Deborah Roberts, Rachel Whiteread, Laura Owens, Huma Bhabha, Lorna Simpson, Simone Leigh, Carol Bove and Charline Von Heyl.

The phrase “girlfriends” started many years ago as a way to describe the incredible women artists within this framework. The relationships and bonds with these artists in the collection has grown over the years through collecting in depth and supporting artistic endeavors at various institutions across the country. Each act of support builds on the next and ultimately makes a deep and lasting impact over time.