The Kansas City Museum is a self-guided experience. Approximately 400 artifacts plus numerous images from the museum’s archives, exhibits, media, and site-specific art installations by Kansas City-based artists are on display.

Frist Floor:

The First Floor of Corinthian Hall has historically preserved, restored, and renovated rooms—including the Salon, Library, Dining Room, Living Room, and the Breakfast Room—with exhibits and historical objects that explore the history, legacy, and impact of the Long family and the architectural history of Corinthian Hall.

The First Floor has the following amenities: Café at 3218 and Wisteria boutique. Wisteria is open now, and the food and beverage program for Café at 3218 will start in 2022 and will include culinary programs.

The following works of contemporary art are on the First Floor: Luminous by Linda Lighton, an installation including 18-lines of “Blind Boone’s Vision” from Olio by Tyehimba Jess and a digital print entitled Nest of Limbs by Jason Piggie, Cotton Wood by David Remley, and Seasons of the Sycamore Series by Dr. Charles Porter.

Second Floor:

The Second Floor of Corinthian Hall has main five exhibition galleries with historical objects that provide a history of Kansas City. The galleries feature the often untold stories of the City and its people. Four main galleries provide a chrono-thematic timeline of the City’s history. The fifth gallery showcases limited-run exhibits that take a deeper dive into the museum’s collection groups.

Exhibition Galleries:

  • Culture Confluences: Rivers to 1870s
  • An Evolving City Landscape: 1880s to 1920s
  • Flourishing Populations and Industries: 1910s to 1940s
  • The Kansas City Spirit: 1940s to 1980s
  • The Greater Kansas City Museum Collections: St. Joseph Hospital’s Donald Piper Medical Museum Collection

The Second Floor has an education room that is used for meetings and small limited-run exhibits that connect to current topics and projects in Kansas City. “Into The Light” An Art Exhibit Honoring Victims of Human Trafficking will be on view from January 20 – March 27.

The following works of contemporary art are on the Second Floor: Cordon d’Or by Marv Graff, Healing at the Roots by Clarissa Knighten, Ha · Hou by Mona Cliff, The Ties that Bind Us and Living Memory by Renée Cinderhouse. Portraits of Us by Zac Laman.

Third Floor:

The Third Floor of Corinthian Hall explores Kansas City’s past, present, and future including three exhibition galleries with historical objects and limited-run exhibits, and a 42-seat theater for films, programs, and events.

Exhibition Galleries:

  • A Cultural & Community Restoration: 1970s to Present Day
  • Our City, Our Stories: An exhibit featuring the personal stories of 21 Kansas Citians from racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  • Curating a Museum: A History of El Torreon and Cowtown Ballroom
  • Theater: The Long Legacy is currently playing (running time 27 minutes; played on a loop).

The following works of contemporary art are on the Third Floor: The Battle of Kansas City by Stephen Proski, Collected and Living Memory by Renée Cinderhouse, and Portraits of Us by Zac Laman.

Lower Level:

The Lower Level of Corinthian Hall features Elixir, our new Soda Fountain, a Billiard Room, and interpretive displays. The food and beverage program at Elixir will start in 2022.