Gallagher & Associates, an internationally recognized museum planning and design firm with offices in Washington D.C., New York City, San Francisco, and Singapore, was hired by International Architects Atelier (IAA), the lead, primary architectural design firm for the Museum’s renovation project, to create a Visitor Experience Plan in 2017 and to lead the Museum through Exhibition Planning in 2018 to the present.

The stages of Exhibition Planning include:  Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Documentation & Bidding. The final phase is in process and documents are being prepared to select and exhibit fabricator and installer.

Corinthian Hall will have a total of 9,500 square feet for exhibitions.

The first floor rooms (Grand Hall, Salon, Library, Living Room, Dining Room, Breakfast Room) will have interpretive content and displays that explore the history, legacy, and impact of the Long family as well as the architectural history of Corinthian Hall and its transition from private estate to public museum.

The second floor will have five main exhibit galleries. Four galleries will provide a timeline history of Kansas City with themes as follows:

  • Cultural Confluences, Rivers to 1870s
  • An Evolving City Landscape, 1880s to 1920s
  • Thriving Populations & Flourishing Industries, 1910s to 1940s
  • The Kansas City Spirit, 1940s to 1980s

The fifth gallery on the second floor will be a special exhibitions gallery featuring limited-run exhibits with one curated show annually that takes a deeper dive into the Museum’s collection groups. 

The third floor will have three main exhibit galleries with limited-run exhibits that showcase historical materials from the Museum’s permanent collections and items on loan, a 42-seat auditorium/theater to showcase films, videos, and other programs and events, and a story sharing space. 

Of the three galleries on the third floor, one will continue the timeline history of Kansas City with the theme A Cultural & Community Restoration, 1970s to Present; and two galleries will offer limited-run exhibits. In addition, the A Cultural & Community Restoration will feature exhibits about neighborhoods (focusing on one or two per year), and these exhibits will be developed in collaboration with neighborhood residents and leaders, and in partnership with UMKC’s Center for Neighborhoods.

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Private funds are being raised by the Kansas City Museum Foundation for the design, development, fabrication, and installation of Corinthian Hall’s exhibits.

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