Kanas City Museum Progress Report
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Kansas City Museum HVAC Incident & Closure through March 31, 2023

(Kansas City, Mo.) – The Kansas City Museum had an HVAC water pump malfunction on January 11, 2023, that caused some water damage in Corinthian Hall. This incident has prompted the Museum to close through March 31, 2023, to thoroughly investigate the issue and take the time necessary to reinforce all mechanical systems for upcoming enhanced operations like food and beverage and exhibit interactives and media. HVAC is a critical operational system because the Museum strives to have precise temperature and humidity control for the preservation of artifacts and historic buildings on the property.

Kansas City Museum Foundation Board Chair Allen Dillingham explained, “As the Kansas City Museum continues to work diligently on the extensive, multi-staged and multi-year restoration and renovation of the entire property, there will be periods of time when the Museum must close for design, construction, maintenance, and upgrades; however, we will always do our best to give advance notice. While the HVAC incident this week was unforeseen, we see this as an opportunity to review and improve the mechanical systems. We are thankful to our community for its understanding and patience at this time as we work with our dedicated and experienced team of staff and contractors to continue to be responsible stewards of this important cultural asset.”

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