LOI/RFQ for Museum Exhibition Fabrication & Installation
The Kansas City Museum Foundation has issued a Letter of Interest (LOI) and Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for a company that specializes in museum exhibition fabrication and installation.  LOI/RFQ submissions are due Monday, April 27, 2020 by no later than 5:00 p.m. CST.

To access the LOI/RFQ and additional information, please visit the City’s Online Contract Advertising System.  Select the ad category “Professional or Specialized or Technical Services” in the drop-down menu, click Search, and then click on LETTER OF INTEREST AND REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS FOR MUSEUM EXHIBIT FABRICATION & INSTALLATION FOR KANSAS CITY MUSEUM.  You may also click on Attachments to access additional materials referenced in the LOI/RFQ.

LOI/RFQ for Culinary Service, Programs & Experiences
We are thinking about our City’s restaurant, hospitality, and chef community, and at this time, during this unprecedented crisis, the Kansas City Museum will suspend its RFQ/LOI to select a Culinary Professional to lease space for our museum café and/or soda fountain. We plan to reissue the LOI/RFQ at a later date as we continue to monitor the growing impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the restaurant and hospitality industry. We are committed to exploring new and meaningful creative culinary opportunities for the museum and our community as we work diligently on the future reopening of Corinthian Hall in 2021.