The Kansas City Museum’s restoration and renovation project is a multi-year, multi-staged project with three main Stages to restore and renovate the five existing, original buildings on the 3.5 acre property at 3218 Gladstone Blvd., Kansas City, Missouri. Each Stage will open to the public upon completion.

  • Stage I is the restoration and renovation of Corinthian Hall (the mansion).
  • Stage II is the restoration and renovation of the Carriage House and Caretaker’s House.
  • Stage III is the restoration and renovation of the Conservatory, Pergola, Carpenter’s Shed, and Perimeter Fence and Gates.

In April 2015, International Architects Atelier (IAA) began comprehensive Master Planning for the entire property and Architectural Design Planning for Stage I Corinthian Hall.

In November 2017, JE Dunn Construction began construction on Stage I.

Currently, construction at Corinthian Hall is complete. Meanwhile, IAA, Museum staff, and the project team are working on the history- and humanities-based exhibits for Corinthian Hall as well as the education and public programs.

Stage I includes the restoration and renovation of the lower level, first floor, second floor, and third floor of Corinthian Hall to be open to the public in 2021.

  • The lower level of Corinthian Hall will include an architecturally restored billiard room, a new interpretation of the museum’s former, beloved “soda fountain,” public restrooms, kitchen facilities, and spaces for administrative functions.
  • The first floor of Corinthian Hall will include architecturally preserved, restored, recreated, and rehabilitated rooms that will be used for programs, events, interpretive history exhibits, and contemporary thematic art installations. The first floor will also have a Museum Retail Store, and a Museum Café and Demonstration Kitchen.
  • The second floor of Corinthian Hall will include renovated exhibit galleries that showcase historical materials from the Museum’s permanent collection, and a meeting room/education space for community use and board meetings.
  • The third floor of Corinthian Hall will include renovated exhibit galleries, a theater/auditorium, and an interactive space for sharing stories.