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Thank You to the Wylie Charitable Foundation

The Kansas City Museum is immensely grateful to the Wylie Charitable Foundation that established the Kansas City Museum Challenge Fund in 2022 at the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation to match all contributions 1:1 for the creation of exhibit interactives and media for the history exhibits in Corinthian Hall.

The Museum has fulfilled the challenge grant and is working with museum design firm Gallagher & Associates to produce the digital interactives and media for exhibits. These new features may include touch screens, animated/projection maps, listening stations for oral histories, an accessible on-line collections database, QR codes, etc. These interactives will enhance the exhibits in Corinthian Hall by adding more dynamic content and learning experiences.

As the Kansas City Museum works with Gallagher & Associates on the development of the interactives and media, the following principles guide the process:

  • Design for young people as the primary audience.
  • Use a restorative practices approach—center untold or undertold narratives that expose the initiating cause of historical harms, exclusions, and injustices; offer examples of resilience and resolution.
  • Highlight the relevance of the past to the present.
  • Ensure diversity and representation.
  • Foster a sense of belonging and shared humanity.


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