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Belger Glass Annex: Chandelier Production Process

This May, glass artists from across the country will work together at the Belger Glass Annex to create a chandelier that will be permanently installed at the Kansas City Museum!

The following nine artists were selected from submissions to a national call or artists:

Gaffers: Tess Healy, Jacqueline Polofka, and Hoseok Youn

Assistants- Yana Artemov, Michael Carson, Claire Coffee, Olivia Dobkin, Jessalyn Mailoa, Kiani Simms

Mark your calendars for the following dates for free glassblowing activities and artists presentations:

Wednesday, May 8
Belger Glass Annex: Chandelier Production Process
1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Free. No RSVP Required.
At the Belger Glass Annex: Catch the team in action during the chandelier production process.

Digital rendering of the approved design for custom glass chandelier.