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The Kansas City Museum makes available for loan objects from its collections to qualifying nonprofit museums and organizations who look to use the museum’s artifacts for exhibitions and educational programming.

This page will highlight an item or group of items that are currently on loan for display so come back every month or so and we’ll have a different item to share that is on loan and where to find it.

In June:

The Johnson County Museums are showcasing the fashions of the 1960s in its newly opened exhibit “Free to Be…” Three pieces of clothing from the museum’s collections are in this exhibit. Two are featured here.

Here is the museum’s website for more information: Museum | Johnson County Park & Rec, KS (

Gay Gibson brand woman’s sleeveless dress made of acetate and lined in taffeta, with a back zipper. Made by Gernes Garment Company, Kansas City, MO. 1967-1969.

From the Garment District Museum Collection.

TWA smock, or “apron cover-up,” was worn by hostesses on overseas flights over their uniforms. Johnson County Museum’s exhibit has chosen to highlight the uniform and just show a small portion of the smock. So here is the whole smock. Knee-length linen, designed by “Dalton” and was used from 1968-1974.

Kansas City’s Garment District manufactured quite a bit of the airline’s uniforms and accessories.

From the Garment District Museum Collection.


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