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“DocuCourse: Pregnancy & Prejudice”

Thursday, November 30
“DocuCourse: Pregnancy & Prejudice”
Film Starts at 6:00 p.m.
Running Time: 1 hour and 23 minutes.
Q&A to Follow Film
JE Dunn Theater – Third Floor
Space is Limited. Registration Required.
Registration opens on November 6
Click here to RSVP

Directed by BeGreat Together president Avrell Stokes, in partnership with Health Forward Foundation, Convergence Partnership, and, “DocuCourse: Pregnancy & Prejudice” is a powerful and eye-opening documentary that chronicles the extraordinary life of Sherry “Mama Hakima” Payne, an inspiring nurse and doula advocate for Black infant and maternal health. In a healthcare system riddled with prejudice and systemic biases, Mama Hakima has dedicated her life to combating the alarming disparities that afflict Black mothers and infants.

Central to the film’s narrative is Mama Hakima’s pivotal role in co-founding and developing Uzazi Village, a sanctuary of love, support, and healing for Black mothers and infants. Viewers witness the incredible journey of Mama Hakima as she transforms her vision into a reality, providing a safe space for Black families to receive culturally competent care, education, and resources. “Pregnancy & Prejudice” is a poignant exploration of resilience, highlighting the unwavering determination of Mama Hakima and the collective power of communities to dismantle the deeply entrenched barriers within the healthcare system and pave the way towards a more just and equitable future for Black maternal and infant health.

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