For all media inquiries, please contact Paul Gutiérrez at or 816.702.7705.

To contact Museum staff:

Anna Marie Tutera, Executive Director
Chiluba Musonda, Deputy Director of Operations & Organizational Development
Direct: 816.702.7707
Paul Gutiérrez, Director of Visitor Experience & Public Programming
Direct: 816.702.7705
Hablo Español
Denise Morrison, Director of Collections
& Curatorial Affairs
Direct: 816.702.7703
Glenn North, Director of Inclusive Learning
& Creative Impact
Direct: 816.702.7709
Lisa Shockley, Curator of Collections
Direct: 816.702.7704
Martha Espinoza, Visitor Experience
Carlota Halpern, Administrative Manager
Molly Hutson, Registrar
Direct: 816.702.8335
Janet McGuire, Gallery Guide
Direct: 816.702.7702
Michael Carr, Visitor Experience Manager
Gene T. Chavez, Ed.D, Historian in Residence
Zachary Laman, Operations Coordinator
Paula Wheeler, Retail Manager
Direct: 816.702.8336

Photos by Jeff Evrard Photography