In 1935, Kline’s Department Store (located on Main Street in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri) introduced the Fairy Princess to promote their new toy department. This became a beloved annual holiday event at Kline’s until they closed their store in early 1970.

While Kline’s closure ended a 35-year Fairy Princess legacy, the Kansas City Museum brought the Fairy Princess to Corinthian Hall in 1987 to being a new tradition. This year, the Kansas City Museum proudly claims its 34th year of celebrating the Fairy Princess. In her new home at Corinthian Hall, the Fair Princess was a sensation when she first made her grand entrance coming down the staircase to cross the Great Hall and enter the throne room. When she passed by, every child marveled at her beautiful white gown, crowned tiara, wand in hand, and welcoming smile. Seated on her throne, she was ready the receive her young guests and listen to their holiday wishes. To the delight of each child, the Fairy Princess waved her wand and a gift magically appeared.

As years passed, the Fairy Princess event adjusted to the museum’s restoration and renovation projects. The Fairy Princess held court in a tent on the cement pad by the north gate. Other years she received her guests in a draped throne room in the Carriage House. As the museum’s restoration progressed, her throne was at the foot of the grand staircase in Corinthian Hall. More recently, at our satellite location downtown on 8th and Broadway, she again held court in a draped throne room.

Earlier this year, it was with much anticipation and excitement that the Fairy Princess would be back in Corinthian Hall within the ambiance of the beautiful, newly restored Salon. Then, the unexpected and unwelcomed COVID-19 virus changed everything for everyone. So again, an adjustment had to be made, and an encounter of another kind will be a virtual visit.

The Fairy Princesses will be on their thrones in the newly restored Salon now known as The Betty Milbank Waldrop Salon. Her eager little guests will view her on a screen from home. Parents and caretakers are encouraged to pre-purchase a Fairy Princess Gift by Sunday, November 15th. The gift includes a custom Boulevard Bakery sweet treat and an at-home activity for your child (3+) to complete with the Fairy Princess during the virtual program.

We are proud to continue the Fairy Princess holiday tradition during such uncertain times. Our princesses will be ready to create new, special memories for you and your family this year. You can bet your plum pudding on that!

The Fairy Princess 2020: Virtually from Your Home
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